Highway to hell deluxe


About Highway to Hell Deluxe: The conversion of the popular online casino game into a flash game was a great idea that definitely didn't live up to its full potential. In fact, the overall design of the game seemed like it was more geared towards a Flash game than a video game. I don't know why that was the case, but it certainly wasn't because Highway to Hell Deluxe is a poor quality game. You can't really call the graphics or the sound effects impressive, but I suppose that's true of pretty much any game based on a current, popular theme. Regardless, I would have liked to have seen more originality in the design of the game, as well as more original music to accompany the visuals.

What is so enjoyable about Highway to Hell Deluxe is how it plays out. Instead of the typical slot type gameplay found in many casino games, you are instead tasked with making successful trades in real-time against the relentless icon “The Dealer”. Playing against the computer generated dealer is just fine, as it can prove quite difficult to beat him if you do your strategy right. If you happen to mess up on a trade and lose whatever you were carrying, you're simply required to get out of the game and start all over again, which is where the free spins come in. It certainly helps to keep you on your toes!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed playing the free spin on this slot machine, as it provided a nice change of pace from the casino action. Although it did feel a bit generic at times, I've also heard some positive comments from people who have played the same casino game for years and know how easy/boring it can be to get caught up in the moment and forget about the outcome of your previous efforts. I believe that this particular version of the highway to hell Deluxe is a definite thumbs up, and I'm looking forward to trying out the paid version when it becomes available on May 31st. My only real concern is whether the graphics will match the quality of the other in-store games, as some of the scenery used may look a bit too colorful for my tastes. Keep that in mind, though, as it doesn't take much to get used to the graphics, and I'm sure that they will do wonders for the graphics and gameplay of the actual game!

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