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Learn the lingo of online slot machines

The fast growth of slot machine terms in recent times means there is always something new for everyone to learn. Every player should get familiar with the slot machine slang before starting the real adventure at the casinos. Below, you can find some of the most popular terms used in slots language.

Slot Machine Terminology

Symbols – Pictures or icons appearing on each drum. If our slot has five reels with three rows of symbols on each, then we see 15 symbols with each spin. In the classic three-drum slots we see 9 symbols after each spin.

Winnings table – A table showing the amounts of winnings in the game depending on the location of the given symbols on the pay lines. The winnings table can also show the jackpot amount and the action that activates the bonus games.

Slot tournaments – The online casinos often organize slot tournaments as part of the promotion. Such tournaments take place either on one specific slot machine or, for example, on slot machines from one manufacturer. Winning the tournament may depend on the number of spins we made during the promotion or the highest win we have recorded during the set number of spins. The rules for each tournament are determined by the casino that the tournament organizes.

Variance – Basically, this term for slot games means risk in play. Low variance in the mobile slot means that the winnings fall often but are relatively small. A high variance occurs when the machine does not pay too often, but if it pays, it will be a very big win.

We can observe a large variance mainly in slots with a progressive jackpot. Such games are recommended for players who, firstly, have a large budget for the game, and secondly – a lot of patience.

Big Win – If such an inscription appeared on the screen, you have found the correct arrangement of reels and symbols, which allowed you to win a big prize or jackpot on a specific slot.

Wild – This symbol has the same function as a joker in a deck of cards. Replaces all other symbols on paid lines to create additional winning systems. Sometimes the Wild symbol can also act as a special multiplier. Less often it can replace Scattery or other bonus symbols.

Choose me – also called “Click me”. In the bonus game, the player chooses between different symbols under which additional prizes are hidden. Usually, the winning amounts are hidden under the symbols. After selecting the empty symbol, the bonus game ends.

Cashback – This is the prize for the game the player receives from the casino. This is usually some percentage of the money that the player has spent in a given casino.

Casino Profit – This is the amount, usually expressed as a percentage, that the casino expects to earn over the lifetime of the game. Usually, casino profit oscillates between 2% and 5% of the amount that players bet on a specific slot.

Coin – The currency used in many slots. One coin can have different values. When playing a slot machine, we have to choose how many coins we want to bet on one line, thus determining the bet amount. Many slot machines multiply winnings depending on the number of coins bet on one line.

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